Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First TCS World 10K run

In this week’s edition, I’m going to talk about the new young achiever of the Kay’s runners club, the results of the TCS World 10K event and my experience of running the first TCS World 10 K race and finally about the upcoming Airtel Hyderabad Marathon in August.
Kay’s Young achiever
I was extremely thrilled when I received a message on my cell phone from Anand on 14-May at around 20.31.
Hello, I have just now gone for a 3K run; can we have a water melon party on Saturday?” It was Samatv, one of the youngest members in the Kay’s Runners club who sent an update about his recent accomplishment.  It was truly fabulous to receive such a cute message from this small but strong boy.  I was really proud to be having him as a member of the club.  It was a great effort from Samatv and thanks to Anand for encouraging and supporting him.
p.s I also saw Samatv setting a new 5K goal.  Good luck with it Samatv!!!
TCS World 10 K race results - 19-May-2013:
From Kay’s Runners Club, there were two participants this time for this mega event.  Anand Janakiraman’ s first official 10K event….he had completed the race at 1:04:54 his personal best.  Congratulations Anand!!!
I had completed the race with a personal best of 48:47, overall rank 258 (out of 8150 runners participated)
Last week, what it was
Most of the week was spent on completing the last minute training routines for the TCS World 10 K event, tapering efforts and charging up to give my best attempt to set my personal best.  The 10 K that I did (49.15) on 18th really helped me set a new benchmark of crossing the sub 50 min barrier and I was confident to set myself a target of 48.30 mins at the TCS World 10 K on Sunday. 
The Saturday, was supposed to be a rest day but it wasn’t.  My family visited a temple in the morning and spent some quality time at a friend’s home, reached home at 2.00 pm, had a good lunch and took a solid sleep, got up at 4.30 pm and got ready to go to Jayanagar 4th block (a good 20 kms from Yelahanka) with my family to meet Vinayak Joshi, Actor, Director….celebrity in the Sandalwood.  Vinayak has been a great inspiration for the running world.  He has already delivered a strong message to the world “through commitment and dedication one can achieve anything”.  Through running and following a strict workout routine, he had lost more than 30 kgs (he used to be a chubby boy) and he is now a fantastic Marathon runner.  Wow!!! What an achievement.  Vinayak has organized to get a place for one my runner friends who missed her registration due to a goof up by a charity organization she supported.    Vinayak helped in getting her an entry in the TCS World 10K.   Thanks a lot Vinayak!!! You are truly an amazing person!!!
On Saturday night, I had to sleep at my cousin Bro’s home located right on the MG road.  It was unique and nightmarish experience.  I couldn’t get good sleep due to heavy traffic noise at the MG road.   When I got up on Sunday morning, I realized that I had only 2-3 hours of sleep which was absolutely inadequate considering the fact that I had to give my best attempt to run on Sunday morning.
4.15 got up, got into shower, got ready
6.15 reached Kanteerva Stadium, thanks to my Anna Bond Bro!!! Lt. Col Krishna for dropping me, he is one of the greatest and best motivators in my life.
6.30-6.50 Nike warm-up session
6.50 to 7.10 stood in a long Q to pee L (Procamm race organizers!!! why can’t this get better)
7.10 rushed to the Category B hold area…
7.20 gates were opened….7.22 gun fired…race started…
I was able to break through the crowd and when it was 19.12 mins at the first split @ 3.8 kms.  I was confident and kept pushing my limits to maintain a 12.2-12.3 average and reached 6+ KMS right after 30 mins.  After getting into the Cubbon Park it was wonderful to see my wife Meera, friends Varnita and Samatv cheering.  I took a turn at the Hudson circle with at 47+ mins time.  I had maintained the same speed and when I touched the finish line my Runkeeper showed 48.45 mins.   It was a great run and I was happy to just finish the race closer to my target.
I’m also happy to find Nikhil, Shreya and Soumya returning back to the weekend club activities after a long vacation.  Hope to find more of the missing members during the next weekend.
Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, 24-Aug-2013
The registration for the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon is open and Anand (first Half Marathon and I (my first full day time marathon) have already signed up for this ‘one of the well-organized events’ in the country.
Just about 3 months to go, I’ve already started focusing on my training routines and the mileage and efforts will increase during the next few weeks

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